SBC Scoop: Adding an EMBA to Your Options

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Our client Luis had been weighing his options for a while before he began working with his Stacy Blackman consultant. His list of target programs included the top 3 most-competitive programs. While they were all excellent, Luis faced challenges as compared to the application pool for those full time MBA programs. He had fairly strong GMAT score of 710, and over ten years’ worth of work experience at his company, a sports management firm. He had joined right after college, loved it and excelled with three promotions over ten years, and had both clients and his boss- the owner of the firm- ready and eager to write stellar recommendations for him.

So what was the problem? It was exactly that extensive experience, Luis’ consultant informed him. Luis had just celebrated his 33rd birthday, and while that alone was not necessarily a major strike against him, it put him well above the average age for the top full-time MBA programs. More directly, it was his current position and experience. Luis had risen to a vice president level in his position, with a strong track record over a number of years. Luis was the sort of MBA applicant who had more than potential, he had realized actual management experience. That was wonderful for Luis, but made it difficult to show how he could truly gain from a full time MBA program. Typical recruiting out of even the best full time program would be far too junior for Luis’ level of executive experience.

But Luis felt stuck. He had just about hit the ceiling at the company, which was relatively small and privately owned. Luis felt he needed the knowledge and contacts an MBA program would provide to continue to advance his career and potentially start his own firm. Along with applying to the top three programs with his consultant’s help they decided to approach another option: an EMBA program.

Luis and his consultant discussed why Executive MBA programs could be a perfect fit for Luis. He could continue working while attending a program with a curriculum intended to challenge students further along their career path and looking toward the next step. His fellow students in the programs would be his peers in terms of both their experience and age, so he would be making contact with a cohort of students in similar situations. Furthermore, his profile – the same GMAT scores and resume he felt would make him a fit for a full-time MBA – was even more compelling to the top EMBA programs.

Luis put in a solid attempt for the full time programs, and ultimately decided to attend Kellogg’s EMBA program. Luis is still working and finishing his EMBA at Kellogg, and plans to start his own management agency when he’s done.

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