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Our client Todd came to us as a college senior at MIT, with a computer science major and a successful angel funded start-up in his background. While Todd’s experience seemed like the ideal fit to start a career in Silicon Valley, Todd was more interested in developing his general management skills. Todd had learned about the Harvard 2+2 program that accepts college seniors into the HBS MBA program and allows them to work for two years prior to matriculating.

Todd wanted to continue his graduate studies, and also decided to apply for a PhD program in engineering as well as trying for the HBS 2+2 program. We knew that Harvard was specifically interested in candidates like Todd who have many academic options and are focused on continuing their education. Since MBA applicants typically have two or more years of experience before applying, many high potential college seniors decide to focus on law, medicine or other grad programs.

Todd had both impressive academics and a history of mentoring at-risk youth. Because of a difficult family upbringing, Todd was sympathetic to kids who needed someone to support them in their goals. He was highly focused on giving back, which is a trait that HBS values.

Todd needed help approaching his HBS 2+2 application because MBA programs value different attributes than a purely academic program like a PhD. We helped Todd identify some of his key leadership qualities, like working on a team to put together his business plan and volunteering.

In approaching Todd’s application strategy we took all of these great leadership attributes, combined with his academic success, and made a compelling case for this future as a business leader. By highlighting his specific experiences as a leader in his startup competition team, we showed that Todd had excellent interpersonal skills tied with exceptional intellectual and analytical skills. The overall package was an ideal fit for HBS 2+2, and Todd is excited to start the program next fall after an enriching two years working at a large technology firm.

Are you applying to the HBS 2+2 program? We have experience positioning applicants like you for success ”“ contact us to discuss further.

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