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While top MBA programs in the United States are very interested in European candidates, some aspects of your profile may make it challenging to apply from Europe.

Aldo engaged Stacy Blackman Consulting to consult on his applications to Kellogg, Haas, Wharton, and NYU. Three years of investment banking experience at a bank based in the UK, and 18 months in London, was a good basis for his ultimate goal to work in real estate private equity in Italy. Aldo hoped to work for an investment bank in NYC, specializing in real estate, immediately after his MBA. A balanced GMAT with an overall 720, and a 3.8 GPA presented a very strong academic profile for Aldo.

Aldo’s main issue was that extracurriculars and volunteering was not quite as emphasized in his undergraduate experience, and was not a priority for his peers in banking in Italy or London either. As a result, he had limited aspects to demonstrate the community engagement US programs are looking for.

We worked with Aldo to think of anything he could use in his background to add some interest to his overall profile. Because of a passion for traveling he had visited all seven continents and studied abroad in Singapore. He was able to reference some of the lessons he learned while traveling and living in Singapore in London to demonstrate his cultural awareness and international focus.

Ultimately Aldo was admitted to Wharton and NYU, and attended NYU to have the experience of living in NYC for several years.

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