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This week, we bring you the latest from applicants and students as they sound off on life in the trenches.

Full ride or top tier school…Decisions, decisions! — Omne awaits word from Georgetown and UNC, due to come in late March, and wonders whether the full ride at Wake Forest beats out potentially better career prospects from the other two schools.

Wading through the worries as Emory becomes eminentB-School Bound has had a tumultuous week in the aftermath of his acceptance, with full tuition, to Goitzueta. Relocating from India with his wife and child will be a life-changing chapter, but take Praz’s comments to heart:  full scholarship is a no-brainer…welcome to the U.S.!

A few drinks, and we’re all getting along swimminglyTienyChesney had a fine time at the recent CBS Alumni happy hour. With a nice ratio of eight alums and eight admits, he was able to open up and even found a potential roommate come fall. Now if only he could get back to studying that Rosetta Stone…

Finally, more focused, flowing class conversations!Oren (Darden ’10) is enjoyed a much-improved classroom dynamic of late and wonders whether the reason might be because hardly any students are talking simply to fill space or boost their participation grade.

Grad school updates from Sunnyside UpLauren received a rejection notice from Stanford but interviewed with Kellogg, which she downplays, since, “assuming you don’t live in a remote village in the middle of the Sudan or something,”Kellogg interviews everyone who applies. Next up: retaking the GMAT. Any groans of commiseration out there?

A message for the future business leaders of AmericaSpeak English, please! Maybe MBA (Chicago Booth ’09)  implores. When you’re trying to do a homework assignment and realize you don’t have a clue what the professor is talking about, it’s time to cut the business speak, metaphors and cliches and just say what you mean.


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