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We bring you more news and views from the front lines this week with business school applicants and students sounding off on life in the trenches.

Pre-matriculation “To Do List” — Some good advice on five things to keep you busy before matriculation comes courtesy of Ahembeea this week. Tips include nurturing your online–and offline–networks and immersing yourself in everything related to the world of business. Oh, and make sure to develop some opinions while you’re at it.

Social pressures of B-school and beyondPalo Alto for a While brings up a great topic this week as she reflects on the importance of maintaining good relations with people whom she may not actually care for in other contexts. Will the pressure to be friends with everyone in her class lead her to develop an even greater number of frenemies?

What’s in your tool box?Raghunathrao has compiled a list of essential tools that will help in his MBA. Key components in this diverse group include gift of gab, dash of cynicism, FrndNet and a 1TB external hard disk. Check out the original post for a complete list.

Time to take a step back? — The “fall back and regroup” strategy is weighing heavily on Bizwiz‘s mind these days. Would a better choice be to regroup, fix his personal life and return refreshed and motivated to make the best out of his MBA-plans next year instead?

Lessons learned — After discovering Stanford MBA Marquis’ blog, Helen shares some lessons learned from one of his posts in particular that have been reflected in her own professional journey to date. One such lesson: make the people below and above you look great.

Will work for foodGeorgetown’s HairTwirler is knee-deep in cover letters at the moment and wonders whether it would be going to far to write: “I will work unpaid overtime, take extra projects and pretend like I’m working for an American company vacation wise if you’ll only hire me! I need a job! I love you… I mean your company.”

Bidding for courses at Haas — Over on the Berkley MBA Student Blogs, Rags bids readers farewell and offers solid advice on bidding for courses at Haas. “Do not peanut butter your points across all courses you want,” he says. “Make choices.”


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