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It’s been a productive week for our B-School Buzz bloggers as they move on from GMAT prep and into the meat of their MBA applications; devise strategies to help harness bad habits; and try not to second-guess the decision to attend b-school when the plummeting Dow Jones industrial average sent shivers across the globe.

Kicking it into high gear — Finally at peace with what he deems a “decent” score, GMAT Yatra is ready to change the focus of his blog to reflect the next phase of his business school journey: school shortlisting, essays and recommendations. After recently attending a successful Indian School of Business information meeting, he promises a post soon with some pointers specific to ISB.

The MBA “bet” — In the wake of the debt ceiling crisis, Random Wok says he, along with almost every MBA admit, is making a bet that when the time comes to land a job post-graduation, the Dow will be higher than it was this week. While logic might suggest it would be better to wait things out rather than rack up $100K in debt, he says the decision to pursue b-school now is the right thing for his career trajectory.

Start behaving like a CEO — In the next installment of his “Project Inception” series, Sanket shows off photos and an explainer of his three-part template–tasks defined, tasks in progress, tasks completed–to put an end to his tendency to procrastinate. “If I want to be CEO then I should start behaving like one!,” he says, and this exercise puts him into that mindset of accountability.

8 lessons gleaned in the lead-up to b-school — One week into his new life in Ithaca, Ellipser has already learned several things from his future classmates. Whether the lesson involved how to saw a couch in half and then repair it; the drink buying etiquette of other countries; or experiencing first hand Ithaca’s temperamental weather, Ellipser has had quite an education–and classes haven’t even started yet.

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