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Welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our weekly foray into the minds and hearts of current MBA applicants and students. In this edition, we’ll share several tips for those applying this season, as well as those still on the fence about pursuing graduate education. And if you need a shot of silliness to break the intense, focused streak you’ve been on, we’ve got you covered…

Six application tips from the trenches — After a thorough vetting of his essays with the help of a few friends, Pyarapopat finally hit the submit button on his Ross School of Business application earlier this week. Fresh off the experience, he shares advice that should inform and inspire fellow applicants currently struggling with this long, arduous process.

“Alternative” business schools — This week, a guest post appearing on Rolipolli‘s blog takes a moment to consider the recently released b-school rankings of Beyond Grey Pinstripes, an Aspen Institute initiative that analyzes which MBA programs provide the most eco/social content in their curricula.

B-school versus law school — For many people, the choice between pursuing business school or law school is a no-brainer. But for some, a measured weighing of both sides is in order. To that end, the Military to Business blog adds some food for thought for those debating which graduate program is the right fit for them. “Think about how you would look to an employer, identify any gaps, and then choose the degree that fills those gaps most effectively,” MtoB advises.

Introspection leads to illumination — The decision to go to grad school isn’t an easy one, and certainly isn’t made overnight. A guest blogger on MBAChic proposes a list of ten questions to ask yourself in order to determine which  program is right for you–or perhaps help you realize that no grad program at all is the answer.

A dose of MBA applicant humor — And finally…for those of you who have had your nose to the grindstone for the past several weeks and are finally coming up for air after perhaps submitting an application in R1, check out Ellipser‘s hilarious post on “real” business school admissions essays.

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