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Hello, and welcome to our first B-School Buzz post of the New Year! This week, we’ve got advice from both sides of the MBA hump; a blogger with renewed dedication to the application process; and a key criterion  for creating a more productive work environment.

Advice for R2 Consortium applicants—One of our most prolific Buzz bloggers, Ellipser, offered helpful hints for b-school candidates readying their Consortium applications for the January 5th deadline. We hope several prospective students were able to put his sage advice to use, and that future applicants will bookmark the post if applying in 2013.

New energy in the new year— After a miserable first attempt at the GMAT, Sanket has mustered up new resolve to tackle the test in 2012. He’s also open to the possibility of sitting for the GRE instead if a second go-round at the GMAT proves equally disappointing. Now that it looks like this won’t be the year he applies to business school, setting aside additional time to practice and improve his application will surely put him ahead of the game for the next application cycle.

Can laughter make you more productive?—Scholarly research, as well as that of Part-Timer, seems to come down solidly in the camp that humor does indeed have the effect of improving overall work atmosphere and increasing productivity. “I think the organizational leaders need to systematically incorporate humor into their organizational culture,” he writes, promising that in the future, his company will establish “a 10-minute humor recess before the boring business meetings.”

4 tips for b-school aspirants–We’re glad to see that CCatcher has gotten back on the horse following the news of her unrequited love with Kellogg. Her latest post offers advice to fellow applicants based on her experience so far. One such tip: “Discuss your career goals with friends who know about this sh**. It’s an added bonus if they enjoy putting you down and not believing in anything you say. Just debate with them till you win and then write your career essay.”

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