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After a long and painful hiatus, Metal (McCombs) is back with an extended update that includes highlights of the MBA program so far and a decision about his career path. In this post, Metal also shares a strong desire to leave everything and go back to India…the idea of going two years without home-cooked Indian food is torturous.

JulyDream is filled with school spirit and has posted a link to a video made by a number of Darden students who explain why their B-school should be number 1. If any applicants are wondering why we love this place, perhaps this will explain why, she says.

Fellow Darden student Oren is doing everything possible to survive Black November. In addition to the seasonal lack of sunlight, darkness reigns in the form of a 130% increase in workload and a blizzard of pages to read. The only thing keeping Oren from teetering over the edge is Thanksgiving on the horizon.

Ross’s gltnforpnshmnt is trying to keep up with the frantic pace this quarter, and although recruiting season is in full force, he finds himself reluctant to play the game. I’m seeking my own balance in recruiting, he says, but admits to being a little nervous about all the reports of the bankers invading his consulting industry.

MBA for HairTwirler (Georgetown) is more than 5/8ths of the way through her MBA since she decided to overload this module and is taking five classes instead of the four required. She says one of the surprising twists and turns of her MBA degree is taking Advanced Marketing Strategy, and this new-found interest in marketing has taken her quite by surprise.

To dispel the notion that financial meltdowns only occur in emerging markets, Reflections at LBS points readers to a Financial Times article covering Iceland and the credit crunch. According to the link, Iceland is one of the very few places in the world where the words “financial meltdown” can be used without fear of exaggeration.

When Sunday rolls around and Sync (HBS) is staring down another crazy week ahead, he finds himself wondering whether the pressures of recruiting and extracurricular activities in the MBA program were as intense 40 years ago. People keep saying this is good training for when you get further along in your career, Sync says,  but man”¦ the gray hairs just keep spreading.

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