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Hello, and welcome back to our weekly foray into the b-school blogosphere for a candid look at what’s keeping MBA applicants and students buzzing. From course recaps and musings on rankings, to advice on how to mix marriage and the MBA or make the most of a part-time MBA program, you’re sure to come away with information that will make the b-school journey easier.

Thinking about a part-time MBA program? Read this first!—This week, Part-Timer features a guest post by GWSB MBA 2010 alumna Angela Wolf that details how to get the most out of a part-time program. She has five suggestions for readers, and says the relationships fostered throughout the program were what made it such a great experience—and one that far exceeded her expectations.

FT rankings, plus a post-mortem of last termBayo Babalola at Oxford’s Saïd Business School shares some cogent thoughts on the (relative) importance of rankings in the wake of the latest Financial Times global MBA rankings. While skeptical of the ranking system in general, Bayo doesn’t deny his pleasure at seeing Oxford’s seven-point jump. Future students will also want to check out the post-mortem of each course last term.

Super Bowl, not a b-school holiday—While some people in b-school get an unholy thrill out of finance or accounting, Ellipser admits to an extreme fondness for Operations, or Ops, as they call it at Cornell’s Johnson School. In addition to an ops assignment that kept him busy on game day, Ellipser has also had a big week of interviews we can’t wait to hear more about.

Combining an MBA and marriage—As MBAChic‘s latest guest post by Erica Moss attests, marital priorities usually shift when one spouse embarks on an MBA degree. Whether the issue is to have/not have children, buy versus rent, or the feasibility of both partners pursuing an advanced degree at the same time, combining an MBA and marriage definitely involves some degree of sacrifice.

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