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Hello and welcome to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our weekly blog post featuring the latest news out of the MBA blogosphere from both applicants and students. This week, aspirants tap into the power of the mindset while students share topical case studies and alumni urge their fellow veterans to apply.

Mass-producing fine art—This week, Part-Timer brings up an interesting textbook case of China’s burgeoning fine art factories, which produce every imaginable style of painting on a mass production scale. As his young and talented daughter has managed to successfully compete in an art market crowded with these mass-produced “masterpieces”, the subject is particularly relevant.

Calling all military applicants—The Military to Business blog brings to our attention an upcoming event at Harvard Business School designed to introduce future applicants to HBS and to the benefits of an MBA. Pointing out that the Wharton School is also doing the same this year, MtoB applauds these outreach efforts to attract talented applicants from the armed forces.

The GMAT mindset—Back after a lengthy absence from the applicant blogger circuit, Sanket shares his thoughts on the GMAT in the context of Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck‘s research on the power of the mindset. Freeing your mind from a fixed mindset will go a long way toward boosting your chances of success on the GMAT and life in general, he has come to believe.

The dangers of self-doubt—A trip back home to India over the holidays  gave Essay Tricks a chance to reflect and reassess various elements of his b-school journey these past few months. Getting back into his GMAT studies, and battling self-doubt over his pedigree and chances of acceptance into the program of his choice, has almost taken a toll on his confidence. But, nothing ventured nothing gained, and so he has decided to let go of the fear and apply to his target schools. Best of luck to you!

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