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Welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our regular ramble through the MBA blogosphere to discover what’s been keeping applicants and students humming. In this edition, our Buzz contributors share summer internship news, urge applicants to look beyond the Top Ten, and relate a recent computer purchase with the b-school application.

Summer internship—Being able to use what you’ve learned in your core classes on Day One of a summer internship is just one of the things that has Cornell’s Ellipser feeling pretty good these days. Although recruiting is a grueling process, he sounds quite pleased with where he’ll be spending the next two months.

Looking beyond the hype—In her latest post, Cheetarah brings up an excellent point regarding applicants getting hung up on rank and name when contemplating MBA programs. While she admits attending a Top Five school has obvious advantages, she wagers that most b-school alums wind up working side by side as peers with graduates from across the top 20.

Relating Apple and applications—Only Sanket would come up with a way to tie in the purchase of an Apple MacBook Air with b-school applications! His recent acquisition has taught him the importance of creating a sense of excitement and zeal in his application. “I might produce a technically great application,” he writes, “But if that excitement is missing…I might still be on [the] losing side.”

Off to a great start—It’s been an intense few weeks for The Senator, who had a full plate crammed with everything from a wedding, a funeral, a huge professional project, and The Consortium’s Orientation Program. Although he originally felt lukewarm about the selection of companies attending, the Senator came away from the experience completely satisfied and a bit overwhelmed by the number of recruiters expressing interest in him.

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