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After taking a bit of a breather to feature other MBA-related news on Fridays, we’re back to check in with what some of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz bloggers have been up to lately. From thoughts on the new team-based application component at Wharton to the state of diversity at b-schools to how exactly does one determine “fit”, our contributors have lots of interesting viewpoints to share.

Assessing Wharton’s new “team-based” component—Many business schools have made significant changes to their MBA applications this year, and the UPenn Wharton School is no exception. Sanket shares his take on the new team-based assessment component, saying that he applauds its use, because “it is much more authentic to see the applicants live in a performance.”

Six out of 576— The call for diversity in business schools rings out loud and clear in campuses across the country; however, the reality can often be very disappointing. Cheetarah 1980 describes the situation at Chicago Booth School of Business, where she is one of  only six black women in the entire Class of 2014. Read her post to learn why women of color may be wary of Booth, and why they should give the school a second look.

 What is Fit?–The idea of “fit” as it pertains to business school leaves many applicants in a cloud of confusion. Sassafras uses the metaphors of food, ritual, philosophy, government and diversity to explain what MBA candidates should consider in order to choose schools that align with their own needs and interests.

 The importance of a top undergrad degree—The Military to Business blog recently provided a dose of clarity to enlisted personnel planning on applying to business school in the future.  The author believes that the main thing holding non-commissioned offers (NCOs) back is not military rank but lesser-ranked undergraduate degrees. His advice? Consider finishing your last two years on campus of a top national program and apply to b-school from there.

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