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Towards a Top MBA had an absolutely fantastic time at the HBS admit weekend and matriculation last month and is very impressed with the school’s premat website. With less than three months until school starts, he’s getting more and more excited (and nervous) about this new phase of life.

Brand new blogger journey2bschool feels so lost right now while weighing the costs of an MBA and wondering whether any careers other than investment banking yield the high salaries needed to pay off those student loans.

The Greek Entrepreneur offers an interesting analysis on expectations and how they play into the B-school application experience. His advice? Set low expectations and you’ll manage to stay happy most of the time.

Life at Cass, the student blog from Cass Business School in London, takes a look at India’s Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car.

MBA for HairTwirler celebrates the news that next year she’s going to Brazil. At Georgetown, the entire second year class participates in the Global Integrative Experience at the end of the third module. We say, go easy on the caipirinhas!

Necromonger has made a teaser trailer/slacker analysis addressing the question of how INSEAD stacks up against U.S. B-schools. Watch out, George Lucas.

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