Stacy Blackman’s #WOW Campaign Continues to Inspire

Words of Wisdom campaign

We’re wrapping up the fourth week of the Words of Wisdom (WOW) campaign on our social media streams, and the online response has been nothing short of incredible! The goal is to motivate potential MBA candidates with inspirational quotes from the top business schools and our educational partners.

More than 12 elite MBA programs, organizations such as Forté Foundation and The MBA Tour, and our test prep partners have chimed in over the past few weeks. Every Friday during the campaign, we’ve provided a roundup of these motivational messages here on the blog, but you can see them right away on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Use the following hashtags:  #WOW #WordsofWisdom #SBCWOW #MBAinspiration and #BeInspired to check it out each day until the campaign ends on February 9th.

We hope these motivational messages inspire you to make 2016 your best year ever!

  • “An MBA education is intended to prepare you for a career, not a job. Never lose sight of what’s best for you in the long run,” advises Robert Dammon, Professor of Financial Economics and Dean of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • “Sleep is essential for peak performance.  You cannot thrive if your body is deprived.”  GMAT Genius
  • “It’s important that applicants realize that not gaining admission to a school is not a reflection of you as a person or your ability to be successful in your career. One of the biggest challenges for the admissions committee is having too many great candidates to choose from among a competitive pool,” says Dawna Clarke, Director of Admissions at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.
  • “Be ready to raise your hand for new opportunities even when you don’t have the full complement of capabilities,” urges Linda Darragh, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice at the Kellogg School of Management.
  • Bara Sapir, CEO and Founder of Test Prep NY/SF, says, “For a goal to be effective, you need to clearly articulate for yourself what you want to do, believe you can do it, and then set in motion the tips necessary to make it happen.”
  • “Be unabashedly honest with yourself throughout the process. Why do you want an MBA? Which program culture feels right to you? Why? Go with your heart and not with your head when you make this decision,” suggests Eric Johnson, Executive Director of Graduate Career Services at the IU Kelley School of Business.
  • “When deciding which exam to take—the GMAT or GRE—for your MBA applications, think about your personal strengths.” The Economist Test Prep
  • Allison Jamison, Director of Recruitment at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, says, “Take the opportunity to send a note to your recommenders. Thank them for taking the time to submit on your behalf, and remind them of any deadlines that require their action.  If you have been in contact with admissions officers, students, and/or alumni at your target schools, send them a quick note as well and let them know you are submitting your application.  If appropriate, remind them where and when you met!”

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