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3 Strategies to Avoid Choking Under Pressure

“Fresh ideas from the Blacklight” SBC’s Weekly Newsletter for Professionals Choking under pressure—it happens to the best of us. We tank an interview and don’t get the job. We freeze while giving an important …

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The Positive Power of Regret

This knowledge nugget comes to you courtesy of the Blacklight. Enjoy! You gotta love Scottie P. from the We’re the Millers, with his credo “no ragrets.” While it sounds bold and aspirational, in reality, most of …

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5 Tips to Help You Speak Up, Boost Confidence

Every day, people in homes and offices across the country face a daunting decision. Do I speak up and risk getting penalized by or embarrassed in front of my friends, family, colleagues, or superiors? Or, …

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