Take a Deep Breath…

If you applied to MBA programs in Round 1, this is a really big week: several schools will be releasing their final decisions, and you’ll know the results of all of your hard work at last. We know “The Dreaded Wait” has been tough!

If you receive good news – congratulations! What a wonderful way to close out 2014, huh? You’ll probably feel like you’re on cloud nine for quite a while after the reality of your achievement sinks in. Even though this is a really busy time of the year, please find a way to do something to celebrate. You deserve it! And don’t forget to share your happy update with everyone who helped you along the way.

If you’re waitlisted, take heart. It’s not the news you wanted, but there’s reason to keep hope alive. You can plan a waitlist strategy dependent upon the school’s guidelines; if they are open to hearing from you over the coming weeks, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure you have a significant update to send along with the time comes.

If you are met with nothing but dings, we are truly sorry. It is frustrating to pour time and energy into perfecting your materials and then not be accepted in the end. Our advice would be to take a few hours of “me time” over the next week and consider whether there are other programs you’re interested in that you could pull together materials for by their Round 2 deadlines. It is most definitely worth a shot.








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