The Best MBA Admissions Questions

MBA admissions questions

Before you apply to business school, step one in the process is to do your research. The MBA experience is a life-changing and expensive endeavor. That’s why it’s so vital to do your due diligence to come up with a target school list. While many top 20 programs discourage interaction between applicants and admissions, that isn’t the only way to get your burning MBA admissions questions answered.

SBC Principal Consultant Esther Magna recently spoke with to share insights into how prospective applicants can gather the intel they need to make informed decisions about their MBA plans.

Esther urges clients to ask genuine questions that show a candidate is open to feedback and has done their research. “If a candidate is approaching admissions, the best questions to ask are ones that allow the admissions expert, who has likely seen thousands of success stories and also dinged applicants over the years, to give honest feedback,” she advises.

“Good questions might include ‘What do you think of my profile based on a resume scan? What do you think of my strengths? Are there gaps, and what are they? And how does that map to the admitted student profile? What’s your stream-of-consciousness reaction to my profile?’”

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Esther evaluates up to 800 MBA candidate profiles annually, assessing fit and advising on crafting compelling and strategic stories. To continue reading her expert tips on the types of questions to ask before applying, whom to ask MBA admissions questions, and what to ask during the interview, hop over to the original article on


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