Thoughts on the UCLA Anderson Interview

school-ucla-andersonWhile the idea of the MBA interview rattles the nerves of most applicants, like most schools, UCLA Anderson School of Management views this step of the process as a way to get to know the person behind the paper.

In the latest post to The MBA Insider’s Blog, Vickie Euyoque assures nervous candidates that the interview really is more like a conversation, with the goal of sharing with the interviewer what is unique about you, and how would you contribute to the Anderson community.

I think what’s particularly noteworthy about this post is the concept of evaluating applicants through several different “lenses.” Here’s an excerpt explaining what this means:

“…we are evaluating you through several different lenses: through the lens of an admissions representative, we are gauging your capacity to do well in the program, how active you will be as a student and alum, as well as your overall fit in our community; through the lens of a student we are evaluating how you will interact with the rest of our students, what you will contribute to their experience, and your facility to work well as a part of a team; and through the lens of a recruiter, we are evaluating your interview skills, your aptitude to present yourself positively, and ultimately, your potential to secure a job post-MBA.”

This is great advice, no matter where you’re applying. The notion of evaluating your interview skills as they relate to future employment recruiting is something we don’t hear about often, but it really is a critical component of the interview process and one you should give some serious thought to as you prepare for the exchange.



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