Tuck’s Center for Digital Strategies

Today, the Center for Digital Strategies at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business will run a roundtable discussion, called the Agile and Resilient Enterprise, focused on how companies can build needed flexibility, adaptability and resiliency into an enterprise. The roundtable is part of their Thought Leadership on Digital Strategies series.

The Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck focuses on digital strategies that can push business strategy to a new level. This is an example of how business schools are working to continually update curriculums and offerings in order to reflect the face of business today. Even if you believe your interests lie outside of “hi-tech”, your business will undoubtedly benefit from efficiencies created by technology. Increasingly, technology is crucial to effective management, and is a basic in business, along with accounting, marketing, finance…

Today, many schools have conferences, clubs, majors and more to help students gain expertise in this area. Kellogg offers a major called Technology Industry Management. Courses that fall under the major range from Logistics to Biotech to Marketing. Michigan’s FuturTech Conference is a business and technology conference. The theme for this year’s conference was “Technology, Business and the Empowered Individual”. This explored how individuals, not just corporations, are changing the face of technology.

Wharton’s e-Business Initiative (WeBI) is an initiative aimed at generating and disseminating knowledge about e-business. WeBI funds and conducts research projects to address issues in e-business.

As you evaluate business schools, one thing to consider is how well the schools are adapting to changes in business. How current is the research and the curriculum? Technology is something that will penetrate your career in business and should also be part of your business and management education at some level.

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