Tuesday Tip: Chase the Dream


Sometimes we get so caught up with checking things off the “to do” list, so that we can submit the application and “get in”, that we forget WHY we are doing this in the first place.  The goal is not writing essays, filling out forms, prepping recommenders or even getting in.  The goal is something bigger…that big goal, that dream is what should fuel your entire process.

Before you embark on the MBA application process, be sure to answer one simple question – the answer will help fuel you on the rocky and challenging road that lies ahead.  Watch my video to learn more about “chasing the dream”.   I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Today’s tip is to Chase the Dream.

When I see people stalling in their MBA application journey, I often ask them why they are doing this –  why are they applying to bschool?  You would be shocked to know how many people look at me with a blank expression and have no answer at all.  They stutter ”“ “to go to bschool”.  But WHY do you want to go to bschool?   They have no answer.

These are people who have invested a lot of money and time in GMAT prep classes, they have been spending every free minute drafting essays, attending info sessions and filling out forms.  They have invested in my consulting services.  Yet other than wanting to “get in” they are not very clear on why they are doing all of this.

Getting in to bschool is a stepping stone ”“ it’s not really an end goal. And wanting to achieve that stepping stone can only fuel you for so long.

This does not mean that you have to be completely clear on your career goals.  Your career goals can be fuzzy, yet your bigger vision for your life should be clear.  For example, your answer could be “I want to wake up every day excited to do my work, and I feel that bschool will help me switch gears into something more personally meaningful”.

Answering this question of “why” should happen at the very beginning of your process.  You need to know, very clearly, why you are doing this before you even begin.  It will fuel content for your essays,  help you feel more passionate when you interview and fuel you through this very challenging process.

Today’s quote is from P. Diddy:  “Don’t chase the paper ”“ chase the dream.”

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