Tuesday Tip – “Torture” Yourself


My tip this week is just what you need in order to stop the cycle of procrastination and actually get something done.  It sounds strange, but take a look at the video and it will all make sense.

By the way, I completely forgot to credit the Happiness Project in my video.  I saw this tip on her website and thought it was perfect for MBA applicants.  All credit for this unique but effective tip goes to the Happiness Project!

Video transcript:

I have been doing these videos every week of 2011 (except for last week) and we’ve had plenty of time to talk about getting ready and getting organized, and getting your house in order and general preparation.  But guess what, it’s July, essays are out and”¦game on.  No excuses.  There is no time for excuses.

And despite the fact that you know this to be true, and you have a goal and you want to work hard”¦I know that some of you watching this are having a hard time diving in.  So here is a tip that I saw on the  Happiness Project  website that I really like.  The tip is to torture yourself for 15 minutes.  Yes you heard that ”“ I told you to just buck up and torture yourself for 15 minutes a day.  If it is that hard, if diving into your essays is truly torture, well then torture yourself.  Wake up tomorrow morning and commit that no matter how hard it is you will spend 15 minutes drafting something to address that first essay question.

Maybe you will find it’s not so bad and 15 will turn to 30.  But even if that does not happen, you will be 15 minutes ahead and the next day you will do the same thing.  Come on, you can do anything for 15 minutes right?

My quote for the day is, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”  Gary Player

Interested in watching more? Click HERE to access the Stacy Blackman Youtube Channel.


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