Tuesday Tip: Why Saying “Thank You” Can Help You Get into HBS

B-school decisions are being received every day and there is a lot of happy news.  I am always impressed and touched by the clients who take the time out of their celebrating to say “thanks” for our help and support in the process.  In today’s video, I talk about gratitude, and how, aside from making someone feel good, it can help you get into a top business school.  Yes, it really can!  Gratitude is a mindset that can change every thing for you.  Just ask Oprah, who practically considers it a religion!

Watch my video to learn how to make your essays stronger by incorporating thanks.

Thanks for reading and watching and leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this topic!



Interested in watching more? Click HERE to access the Stacy Blackman Youtube Channel.


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One Response to Tuesday Tip: Why Saying “Thank You” Can Help You Get into HBS

  1. GMAT Study says:

    Saying “thank you,” and politeness in general seems to have really gone by the wayside in most parts of life. It seems like a lot of people in this day and age have a sense of entitlement and aren’t as appreciative of things as they should be.

    This is a sad truth, but it can work in the favor of people who do practice politeness. Most people are probably shocked when someone does show appreciation now that it may stick in their mind even more than in the past due to it’s current rareness.

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