USC Marshall Introduces MS in Marketing Degree

MS in Marketing at USCThe USC Marshall School of Business has announced the launch of a new Master of Science in Marketing  that will help develop and enhance students’ innovative marketing skills. This degree is designed for managers and those with a few years of work experience who are eager to earn an advanced degree in a one-year, full-time program, or a two-year, part-time option.

The program establishes a strong foundation in business fundamentals, including marketing management, marketing strategy and business analytics, or market demand and sales forecasting.

Students will then build on that foundation with other marketing courses, including advertising and promotion management, branding strategy, consumer behavior, marketing and consumer research, marketing channels, new product development and pricing strategies.

Expanding into other business disciplines, students can choose from electives ranging from data warehousing, business intelligence and data mining, to technology commercialization.

Marketing crosses all disciplinary boundaries, and the modern marketer must have polished technical skill and deep topical knowledge, says James G. Ellis, dean of the Marshall School of Business.

The MS in Marketing curriculum takes full advantage of the breadth of offerings at USC, with cross-disciplinary electives including case studies in digital entertainment, visual storytelling, the television industry, digital technologies and the entertainment industry, foundations in health education and promotion, public health policy and politics and health care ventures.

“We want our marketing students to be able to tailor their study to their particular interests, whether that is in digital entertainment, health care or public policy,” says  Diane Badame, academic director of the full-time MBA Program and professor of clinical marketing, who is spearheading the new degree program.

“Students in our marketing program will gain artistry and analytics that will position them for success in this rapidly evolving discipline,” Badame adds.

As a culminating experience, MS in Marketing students will collaborate to craft an innovative marketing strategy for prospective employers.

The marketing program is now accepting applications for summer 2015 from working professionals with bachelor or advanced degrees and at least two years of experience.

For additional information about the program please go to:


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