Using Blogs To Learn About Schools

As we’ve written in our essay tips for schools like Wharton and Stanford, when a school asks “why Wharton” or “why Stanford“, you need to address specifics like courses, professors, special academic programs, clubs, and activities. One way to learn such specifics is through school blogs. Beyond just the admissions committees’ blogs, many schools such as Stanford have links to blogs from students, faculty, clubs, centers & offices, and alumni.

Visit the Stanford GSB blog page to learn more.

You can read about happenings around campus from recruitment to rugby games through Farmhand – Stanford GSB 2008.

You can learn about the Guatemala Service Learning Trip or the 2007-2008 Public Management Initiative Reel Impact.

Professors Jeffrey Pfeffer & Bob Sutton explore Evidence-Based Management.

The Center for Social Innovation offers up Social Innovation Conversations, and the GSB Energy Club’s blog gives you a sense of club activities.

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