When Your B-School Rejection Makes the News

A popular MBA applicant blogger this season who goes by the moniker Grant Me Admission woke up to a huge surprise earlier this week when he found out the profile about his journey to b-school originally published on Poets & Quants had found its way to Fortune online.

Over the past few months, readers of his blog have followed along as he decided to retake the GMAT after scoring 710, mulled over the mistakes he made last year applying to Tuck School of Business, and fell in love with Kellogg School of Management. We also felt his pain upon receiving ding after ding from all five of the schools he applied to this season during Round 1.

While wading through brutal anonymous comments likely required cultivating an especially thick skin, Grant also found much to gain from hearing these fresh perspectives. The plan now, he says, is to complete his post mortem on why he didn’t get into business school, do some serious self-reflection, and see how plans to go to a top school fit in with all that.

As any applicant will tell you, applying to an MBA program is seriously hard work. And with acceptance rates at the best schools as low as they are, applicants need to make sure every aspect of their package is as polished as humanly possible. Take a look at the original article as well as his reaction post. It really is illuminating for many b-school hopefuls out there.

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