Yale SOM Essay Tips

Why an MBA? (Required)ӬPlease describe your short and long term goals and how your previous experience and an MBA will help you to achieve these goals. (500 words maximum.)
Break down this question into the sub questions and be efficient with your words.

Please describe your short and long term goals
Your career goals should in some way reflect what is important to you (this does not mean they are one and the same, but that there is some correlation). Articulate concrete short and long terms goals that reflect your values, and briefly explain why your goals are meaningful to you.

How will your previous experience help you achieve these goals
Note that they are not asking for a description of your previous experience. Articulate how you will leverage your experiences as your pursue your goals. Think beyond just the content of your previous experiences (especially if you are planning a career change) to consider the skills you’ve gained and lessons learned. Also note that they have not said work experiences. You can consider extra-curriculuar, volunteer, or even personal experiences.

How will an MBA help you achieve these goals
While they haven’t asked specifically why the Yale SOM, you should be specific about how the Yale SOM will help you achieve your goals. As with the Stanford, Chicago, Wharton, and Kellogg essays of this nature, offer up classes, clubs, etc that will help you. Show how you will make a difference at the Yale SOM as you pursue your dreams.

Leadership Example (Required)ӬDescribe a situation in which your leadership and/or teamwork had a significant impact. (500 words maximum).
Many schools have a leadership question this year. Like Wharton, the Yale SOM has worded this so that you can think outside of the box, meaning you don’t need to write about work. Consider volunteer or even personal experiences when you have demonstrated your ability to motivate a group and make things happen. Also it may be a situation when you were part of a team and not necessarily the leader. Be sure to articulate the significant impact you made – focus on your actions and also include reflection on the experience.

Personal Statement (Required)ӬPlease develop a question/topic of your choice and answer it in essay form. Please state the question/topic at the beginning of your essay. (500 words maximum.)
The Yale SOM offers up examples for you. This is a great opportunity, like the HBS open question, to round out your application by discussing a surprising aspect of your background. Focus on the positive lessons learned from any experience. Show the Yale SOM your self-awareness, resiliency, and passion for living a well-rounded life.

Optional EssayӬ If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation, please provide any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider. 200 words maximum.
This should only be used for unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, TOEFL waiver request, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, significant weaknesses in your application, etc. Be brief and simply explain the situation.


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