Yale SOM Has Global Partnerships In the Works

Under the stewardship of Dean Edward Snyder, the Yale School of Management is finally ready to begin forging partnerships with international business schools. According to an article published Tuesday in the Yale Daily News, Snyder’s new network differs from the traditional bilateral partnership model in that it includes several schools from developing countries.

“It’s important for us to think about developing leaders in an innovative way,” Snyder tells Yale Daily News, adding that SOM must not “neglect emerging economic powers.”

The network thus far includes elite European business school INSEAD, the National University of Singapore, and five other schools Snyder did not name at this time, though the dean indicated several other schools are considering membership.

MBA students from participating partner schools will be pre-screened for admission into the degree program by their respective institutions, Yale Daily News reveals. The program will have flexible academic requirements based heavily on electives not typically available at international business schools, and Snyder notes that students will be able to take electives outside the SOM.

Though the SOM is creating the new network, compared to other top business schools it remains a novice in the realm of global partnerships, Yale Daily News reports. Snyder tells the college paper that while SOM students can take part in several exchange programs, administrators in previous years have focused primarily on developing internal aspects of the school, such as its integrated curriculum.

Dean Snyder plans to unveil the full details of the network in April.

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