Yale SOM Offers Insight On the Interview Process

Now that the first round admissions deadline has come and gone, the Admissions Office at Yale School of Management has some insight into the interview process to share with applicants.

Like most MBA programs, the interview is merely one component among many which are used to judge and weigh your candidacy for a spot. At Yale SOM, the purpose of an interview is two-fold.

  • Interviews give AdCom a chance to see a candidate’s personality, leadership qualities and motivation for pursuing an MBA from the Yale SOM.
  • Interviews also let applicants tell their own story beyond the essays and other materials in the application.

Applicants shouldn’t worry about the timing of an interview invitation, since Yale SOM reviews applications randomly but makes every effort to get invites out as early in a round as possible. The school confirms that, so far, it has extended approximately half of the interviews planned for the first round.

Second-year students who have gone through an extensive training process conduct most of the interviews, though some are conducted by admissions staff, alumni, and other members of the Yale SOM community. And remember: interviewers don’t know anything about your background apart from what is on your resume.

The time frame for the interview is just 30 minutes, so there won’t be time to share everything you’d like. Preparation is vital, and you should come in ready to discuss your leadership experience and career trajectory as well as elements from your resume and essays.

Most important, advises Yale SOM admissions representatives, is to be honest with yourself and tell your unique and personal story–not what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

For more tips on how to navigate your B-school interviews, read advice from Stacy Blackman Consulting here.


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