Yale SOM – Waitlist Tips Plus

On a wait list?  Want to get off?  According to the admissions office, at Yale SOM, the top three reasons candidates are wait listed are:  1) lack of quantitative preparation, 2) unclear post-MBA goals, and 3) low test scores or GPA. In a recent newsletter, the Yale admissions folks encouraged wait listed applicants to identify and address any soft spots in an application as soon as possible, and invited these applicants to contact the admissions office for feedback. The admissions office also made the following recommendation: “To make your application stand out from the crowd, send us an update if your application changes in any meaningful way ”” for example, if you retake the GMAT, are promoted at work, or take a class.” Of course, it’s always best to avoid irritating the people handling your application with frivolous or irrelevant updates.

For more on Yale SOM, check out its integrated curriculum. The school has recently decided to complement its creative pedagogy with brand new classrooms (see the classroom of the future).

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