Your Waitlist Plan of Attack

While the waitlist may mean additional agony, it is usually an opportunity to further market yourself to the admissions committee. It is important to “follow the rules”, so make sure you understand your school’s waitlist policy. Some schools ask that you refrain from submitting additional materials, but most schools not only allow, but encourage, updates and additional information.

If additional materials are encouraged, what is appropriate? While each case is unique, the following is a list of things to consider:
1) Is your GMAT score below the school’s average? If so, consider retaking the exam.
2) Did you make any contacts within the admissions commitee? Now is the right time to reach out to these individuals and ask how you can improve your file or fill in any blanks.
3) Reiterate your interest in and commitment to the school through written communication.
4) Do you have someone who could write a recommendation and provide a new perspective on your abilities and personality?
5) If you have any changes to report related to personal or professional experiences, write a letter outlining these updates.
6) If you have not yet interviewed and an interview is offered, seize the opportunity!

Again, every school has a slightly different policy, and each individual situation is unique. For help on your personal waitlist strategy, contact us at

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