Ivey’s Advice on Attending MBA Recruiting Events

Niki Da Silva of the Richard Ivey School of Business MBA Recruiting and Admissions team posted her shortlist yesterday of Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to attending MBA recruiting events this fall.

As you dive into the MBA research process, make sure to take these suggestions into account so that you make the most of your event experience!


  • Attend events in-person!  This activity is important to showcase the culture of the program, and the calibre of the experience helping to assess the ”˜fit’ with your goals.  It is far more difficult to do this online than in person so it is absolutely worth the investment in time.
  • Be well prepared.  Remember that you are making an impression when attending these events.  Do pre-research on the program or admissions process to come prepared with relevant questions.
  • Get involved!  Ask questions and participate!  This should be something you are excited and passionate about, and demonstrating this by taking an active role during events will showcase this without question.


  • Follow-up for the sake of following-up.  Be sure that your outreach post-event is genuine and meaningful,  ie. reaching out to the admissions officer to ask for the school’s mailing address instead of checking the website isn’t a great example of thoughtful outreach.
  • Miss the opportunity to build a relationship!  You will get the contact information from the admissions staff at the event ”“ reach out with a thank you if you enjoyed the experience or follow-up with a question that surfaced after attending the event.  This person can be a helpful and valuable resource as you navigate the admissions process.
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