4 Last-Minute Application Tips From Yale SOM

Early to mid-January will see a spike in activity at B-schools across the country and around the globe as Round 2 deadlines approach. With that in mind, the admissions office at Yale School of Management offered some recommendations Thursday for applicants looking for the best way to make use of the remaining time before hitting the submit button.

While this advice is geared toward Yale SOM applicants, it holds true no matter where you are applying.

Work on your essays. Here is your chance to share your personal/professional narrative, so make sure your essays not only answer the questions and tell a coherent and concise story, but that you are also putting your most competitive foot forward.

Ask a mentor or colleague to read over your essays and provide honest feedback on how well you achieve these goals.

Polish your resume. The resume is a snapshot of your educational and professional life to-date. Make sure it is clean, clear, and concise; that it highlights your achievements, not just your responsibilities; and that it is typo-free.

Pin down your recommendations. You want to give your recommenders as much time as possible to complete their recommendations. If you have not finalized your choice of recommenders yet and sent them the recommendation form, now is the time to do so.

Take (or re-take) a standardized test. If you haven’t taken the GMAT or GRE yet, you’ll need to do that asap. If you’re not satisfied with the results and feel that you can do materially better, there’s still time to take it again.

Doing so depends on a number of factors ”” whether you think you can improve your score enough to make re-taking it worthwhile; whether you have the time to study for the exam, etc.

You’re entering crunch time now, so make sure you have all other elements of the application under control if you’re considering retaking the test.

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Applicants can connect with current students during Yale SOM’s Winter Break Socials; please check the admissions events page, where cities  and dates across the globe will be posted.

For more Yale SOM advice from Stacy Blackman Consulting, follow this link!

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