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Greetings. I’m Jeremy Dann, and over the next several months, I’ll be contributing to Stacy Blackman’s blog on the business school admissions process.

How did I get here? I graduated from Harvard Business School in 1998 and from Harvard College in 1992. My early professional experiences include working for McKinsey & Co. and the corporate sponsorship group of the Atlanta Olympic Games. After business school, I worked for a consumer internet start-up and then as an innovation strategy consultant. As a part of my innovation work, I authored several articles for prominent business publications and launched an innovation periodical. Departing a bit from the “traditional” business path, I recently wrote and published a novel.

I was first drawn to the b-school application advisory field because of my interest in writing. In particular, in a world where working on Powerpoint presentations and authoring countless quick e-mails erode our writing abilities by the day, I became interested in ways that adults can maintain and improve their written communication skills. The business school application process is an ideal time for an “intervention” of sorts: young professionals need to re-boot the literary parts of their brains not only so they can author strong MBA applications, but so they can thrive in the academic environments they will be joining next year.

I look forward to collaborating with Stacy to bring you some helpful information and insights about the business school application process. Please let us know if there are any topics you would like to see us address.

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