Application Advice from MIT Sloan MBA Students

The MBA admissions team at MIT Sloan School of Management has prepared a video featuring Sloan students who offer tips and advice to prospective applicants. Each tackles a different aspect of how you can better prepare for this experience, and we’ve summarized their thoughts here but also encourage you to watch the brief video as well.

Julius Tapper, MBA 2016—Julius says coming to campus will give you more information than you’ll get anywhere else. But if you can’t come, reach out to someone who shares one of your interests through the club pages posted online and get the conversation started.

Chris Mannion, MBA 2016—Chris encourages applicants to start preparing early, after realizing himself how quickly things get backed up when you have to sit for the GMAT, line up your recommenders, prepare your applications, etc.

“It’s a very long process, and you have to give yourself the opportunity to really understand what school is all about before you even start the application process,” he says.

Brian Kirk, MBA 2016—Brian urges applicants to be themselves, and make their application representative of who they are. And when it comes to the optional essay, and he tells them to absolutely do it, and just make it their own.

“I did not do some fancy digital media video, or write a song or something for it,” Brian says. “I figured out my application up to that point had been entirely professional. I exist outside a professional setting, there’s a lot to me that does not come across in my professional accomplishments. So I wrote my third essay to the tune of, ‘this is who I am outside of the classroom, outside of the office’.”


Though she’s not identified by name in the video, the final student’s words are perhaps the golden rule of both MBA admissions and life in general. “Just be true to yourself,” she says. “The rest will come in time.”

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