B-School Buzz: Career Visions and Transitions

Welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz! This week, our bloggers check in with essay advice and life updates as they dive into internships, prepare to depart for b-school, and take on never-before-seen challenges.

Addressing career vision in your apps — This is perhaps one of the most challenging MBA essay questions, and the Military to Business blog tackles it so thoroughly that any applicant can benefit from reading this post. While the crux of the advice is not to be too specific nor too vague, the three key rules are: be authentic; talk about results; and connect the dots. When handled correctly, this essay can and should be viewed as an opportunity to shine and stand out from the crowd.

A day in the life of an MIT LGO intern… — Absent from the blogosphere for months, we were happy to see a post this week from Chris Garvin, aka Elgarvouj, and read all about his internship experience at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, Calif.  Between daily workouts at the AmGym, lunch outdoors on the fountain-studded campus, and evenings filled with leisure activities in Malibu, it sounds like things are going swimmingly. Oh, and the actual work part seems to provide him with information that can be used “in strategic and awesome ways” in the near future.

Farewells are just on the horizon — Tomorrow is his going away bash, and Richard Battle-Baxter, aka Ellipser, plans to celebrate full-throttle with some of his fellow future MBAs. With an upcoming trip to Michigan to visit a friend from Ross, the move to Ithaca, and helping others get settled into their apartments, the next few weeks before Math Camp starts will be brimming with activity.

A new chapter, a new challenge –Although she’s taking a break from her b-school journey to spend a year as a Teach for India fellow, Reaching My Mukaam still has inspirational stories to share with our readers.  As she confronts the challenges of teaching children who are first-generation learners, she realizes that the education she’s providing can one day help these kids lift their families out of abject poverty. Despite the difficulties and wistful feelings she has for her prior life, she says she sleeps very well at night.

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