Chicago Booth’s Martinelli on the Slide Presentation

rosePicOnce again, we’d like to alert our blog readers/applicants to the advice of Rose Martinelli, associate dean for student recruitment and admissions at Chicago Booth School of Business.

In an update posted Wednesday on the Rose Report blog, Martinelli offers some specifics on what the school is looking for when it comes to Essay 3, the slide presentation.

So, what’s the philosophy behind the question, you ask? Martinelli explains that the slide presentation gives prospective students a chance to share another side of themselves that has not already been addressed in the application.”We find this a useful tool in order to understand what you deem important in your personal and professional life,” she says.

But don’t fret if your not a whiz with graphics. The admissions committee cares only about the content, not your presentation skills, Martinelli assures us. Words, images, graphs, etc. can all be used to communicate what you want to convey to AdCom.

“Don’t get bogged down by trying to be creative,” Martinelli urges. “Focus on communicating effectively.”

(photo credit: Chicago Booth School of Business)



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