Cornell to Establish Integrated College of Business

Cornell College of Business

Cornell University recently announced that it will establish an integrated College of Business that will cement the university’s position as a world-class center of teaching and research for business management and entrepreneurship.

Upon launch, anticipated during the 2016-17 academic year, the College of Business will comprise Cornell’s three accredited business programs: the School of Hotel Administration, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.

By unifying all three accredited business schools, Cornell is creating a more comprehensive and collaborative business management program that will benefit students at all academic stages.

Students will have greater opportunity to learn across disciplines and collaborate with a broader network of faculty and fellow students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

Every leading university must have a great business school to maximize its global impact. —Robert S. Harrison, Chairman of the Cornell University Board of Trustees

This new environment will create even more learning opportunities that have yielded popular, progressive programs, such as Cornell’s undergraduate Business minor and the new Johnson Cornell Tech MBA, and will enable students from any school to pursue a specialty focus in unique programs such as hospitality, real estate, or resource and developmental economics.

Each school will maintain its unique identity and mission, while their collective capabilities will be strengthened by bringing together faculty, curricular offerings, and programs within a cohesive College.

The Cornell College of Business will be one of the most comprehensive business schools in the nation with 145 research faculty and nearly 2,900 undergraduate, professional, and graduate students.

Each school will be presided over by a Dean of the School who will have responsibility for that school’s admissions and academic program. Each school’s faculty will maintain oversight over its academic program. Soumitra Dutta, the current Dean of Johnson, will become Dean of the College of Business.

Dutta called the integration of Cornell’s three accredited business schools a tremendous opportunity to create a unique offering to the world.

“This is a critical moment in the history of Cornell, and it is our responsibility to welcome it, embrace it, and develop it for the future,” he added. “As a whole, business can do more for the world, and we can be an important part of this.”


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