Cornell’s Johnson School Launches Emerging Markets Fellows Program

With China predicted to become the world’s largest economy by 2040, and nearly 50% of global economic output produced in the developing and emerging world, business schools must prepare students for the challenges of working in these regions if they hope to compete in the 21st century.

To address the needs of students looking to build expertise in this area, Cornell University’s Johnson School has launched a new Emerging Markets Fellows program.  Students will increase their ability to navigate through significant degrees of uncertainty; be exposed to business issues created by rapid growth; and will face highly complex problems within fast changing environments.   The course work, projects, and international study trips are all designed to help build the necessary capabilities to succeed in developing economies.

“The launch of this program coincides with a significant expansion in global academic prowess at Johnson,” says Richard Coyle, executive director of the Emerging Market’s Institute at the Johnson School.  “Our goal is to become the premier business school for the study of emerging markets.  This is a key element of our strategic plan.”

“I am very enthused to have been selected for this prestigious program,” says Johnson first-year student, Lev Perelman, MBA ’13. “I know this will greatly enhance my career prospects, as emerging markets experience is in high demand.  Having grown up in Estonia and worked as a consultant in Germany prior to my studies, I recognize the critical impact which emerging markets are having on the global economy.”

Amity Weiss, MBA ’13, who completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton and worked in Africa prior to enrollment at Johnson, notes that “Companies are seeking MBAs who understand the complexities of doing business in these rapidly evolving environments and how to effectively lead and interact with different cultures.  This program will prepare me well to encourage private sector development in Africa.”

The Emerging Markets Institute at Johnson has selected 16 candidates as the first Emerging Markets Fellows, who plan to graduate in 2013.  The next cohort will be selected in the fall of 2012.

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