HBS Dean Nohria Discusses Value of the MBA

The debate over whether the MBA degree is overrated never seems to get old, thanks to the media’s regular stoking of the topic. We thought we’d share with you today this new Bloomberg interview with Harvard Business School dean Nitin Nohria, an obvious proponent of the degree who strongly feels the MBA is key toward a lifetime of impactful leadership.

Though the interview kicks off critiquing the high cost of business school, I hope cash-strapped applicants take heart when they hear the dean say, “What we’re looking for is the brightest people with great leadership potential. And I promise you, if you apply to Harvard Business School you will be able to attend irrespective of your financial needs.”

As the conversation segues into the recent shifts of popular industries for grads—finance is down but entrepreneurship and tech are way up in 2015 over 2012—the Indian-born dean shares his strong support for the US financial system and discusses how not everyone is meant to start a company in their 20s.

For instance, though most surveys look at where alumni are and how much they are earning five years after graduation, the dean says one of the least-known facts about Harvard Business School is that, “Ten to 20 years after they graduate, 50% of alumni become entrepreneurs.” Interesting, no?

Check out the video, see where Dean Nohria’s head is at on the numbers of women in corporate America, the role online learning will play in the future of education, and why the intimate and immersive experience at HBS will never be replaced by the virtual world.

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video source: Bloomberg News


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