MBA News: Application Mistakes recently featured a posting on top MBA application mistakes citing representatives from Ross, McCombs, NYU Stern, and Chicago.

Here’s a quick list of top mistakes:
1. Submitting generic essays
While there are certainly opportunities to leverage essays from school to school (for example HBS‘s mistake essay and Wharton‘s failure essay), you need to careful to answer the specific question each school is asking.

2. Neglecting to research schools
Schools need to know why you want to get an MBA, and it is equally important to explain why each specific school is the right fit for you. See our essays tips for Chicago, Wharton, and Stanford for more tips on how to answer these types of essay questions.

3. Not thinking through career goals
You need to articulate how you have prepared through your career to seek an MBA at this time. See our essay tips on Wharton to address discussing your career path.

4. Trying to be someone else in order to impress the admissions committee
As we stressed in the Wharton essay tips, follow Wharton‘s advice to “be yourself.”

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