New Spring Courses at UC Berkeley-Haas

To further its mission of creating “pathbending” leaders, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has introduced new courses this spring that reflect recent attitude shifts on issues ranging from social and environmental challenges to marketing, innovation, and more.

For full-time MBA students, professor David Vogel‘s two-unit course on Environmental Management and Policy will explore how corporations can both cause and improve environmental problems, and how public policy can both facilitate and constrain improvements.

A one-unit seminar on Ethics and Decision Making in Green Product Design, taught by Associate Professor Christine Rosen, will examine the social, political, legal and business issues raised by our increasing awareness of impacts on human health and the environment.

Students of both the full-time MBA and Evening & Weekend MBA programs may choose professor Jennifer Chatman‘s new elective on Leadership.  The course will feature a series of live cases run by high-profile executives, and includes self-assessments that give students a better understanding of their strengths and challenges as developing leaders.

For students in the Evening & Weekend MBA program and the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA program, the school will offer a semester-long immersion into the roles and responsibilities of innovation managers in Bill Pearce‘s Design and Marketing New Products.

Students entrepreneurs can make their big idea a reality in The Lean LaunchPad, taught by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank. A proponent of agile development and lean startups, Blank will guide students in building and launching a company in one semester.

Finally, professor David Teece will lay out a new approach to management based on his “dynamic capabilities” theory in the two-unit course, Strategic Management and Innovation: Knowledge, Intellectual Capital & Competitive Advantage.

With six new courses available to full-time MBA, Evening & Weekend MBA, and Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA students, plus five additional courses and two workshops introduced at the undergraduate level, UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business appears dedicated to providing tomorrow’s leaders with the tools they will need to solve the thorniest management challenges.

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