NYU Dean Geared for Transformation

NYU Stern‘s new dean, Peter Henry, took over the reigns on January 15th and wants to take the school in a new direction…away from Wall Street to become the top-tier B-school that produces a diversified graduating class destined for jobs in a variety of industries, not just one, BusinessWeek’s Francesca Di Meglio reported earlier this week.

Few schools are as dependent on a single industry as Stern is on finance, Di Meglio writes, and few schools have paid a steeper price.

Redirecting Stern’s course requires a two-pronged approach: developing recruiting relationships in new industries, and making the academic changes necessary to produce the kinds of graduates that the new industries want.

“The future is really in emerging economies,” Henry said Monday in the Financial Times, “And for business leaders in the twenty first century, it’s going to require an education that’s not just focused on finance, marketing and economics, but that takes a broader and more integrated approach and looks at how all these things fit together.”

To read more about how Henry plans to steer Stern beyond Wall Street and embrace a global perspective, read his letter to the student body here.

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