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HBS applicationHarvard Business School has announced that registration for class visits is now open. In her latest blog post, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold notes that the first day to visit a class is September 10th, which is after the Round 1 deadline.

Applicants shouldn’t be worried though, as a campus visit bears no influence on the HBS evaluation process. Besides, Leopold points out, if you’re invited to interview and come to campus to do so, you’ll be able to sit in on a class at that time.

Also, the initial visits in September are for second-year classes only, in order to give new students a chance to get comfortable with the case method and their section mates. Visitors scheduled in early October will be able to observe a first-year class in action, and registration for these visits will begin in early September.

Leopold writes that second-year students begin leading HBS tours and information sessions in September, so visitors at that time can and should take advantage of hearing from current students about the MBA program, in addition to admissions staff members. You can check the events section of the Harvard Business School website for the schedule of tours and info sessions.

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