Round One is On

The blogs are busy with updates on round one submissions.

As we posted earlier this week, it can be extremely helpful to have reviewers for your essays provided that you choose wisely. Many bloggers are discussing their essay review process, especially turning to alums for an extra pair of eyes. Helluva journey submitted the INSEAD app and had a few alums edit iterations of essays. The Journey also got tips from an HBS alum before finalizing essays. However, you don’t have to use alums. Riding the admissions highway points out that alums are not an option being from Cananda and not knowing anyone familiar with the American business school process, and instead is “just using people that know me well.”

Almost as difficult as submitting applications in round one is recognizing that your applications are not ready to go for round one. Oops I plan to do it again made the wise but difficult decision to push Wharton and Chicago applications to round two because essays weren’t where they needed to be. The best strategy is submitting your best application, and if that means waiting for round two then wait.

Congratulations are due either way – whether you’ve made the push to submit for round one or you need to spend more time on your essays or improve your GMAT for round two. Keep up the great work…the end is in sight!

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