School Profile – HBS announces new joint degree with Kennedy School

HBS recently announced a new joint degree program with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  The first students will be admitted in fall of 2008.  It will take students three years to complete the program, and they will earn degrees from both schools.  During the first two years in the program, students will focus on each school’s core curricula and will also attend a joint degree seminar.  In their third year, students can choose from electives at HBS and the Kennedy school as well as courses developed for the program.  Students will also complete two separate summer internships: one in public service or a policy-based position and one in a private sector or non-profit organization.  This is an incredible opportunity to receive a truly integrated education in business and policy from Harvard.

Those interested in this type of experience should also consider Tuck’s dual degrees including:

Columbia Business School offers a dual degree MBA/MIA with Columbia’s School of International and Public AffairsHaas offers a concurrent degree MBA/MA in International and Area Studies.  And Darden has a joint degree MBA/MA in Government or Foreign Affairs.

These are just a few examples of programs combining business with policy.  If you are interested in these types of programs, be sure to visit the schools’ websites and read the specifics of what is involved with a joint degree versus a dual degree or concurrent degree.  These are exciting opportunities for any student wishing to broaden his or her MBA experience.

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