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Enjoying the high that only networking can bring — Far from the fake exchanges she’d imagined, Samantha has found networking can actually lead you to meet some pretty interesting people. Check out this post for tips on the myriad ways networking can work for you.

Intel on loans for internationals is slow in comingMissionMBA is starting to sweat, now that two months have passed and Goitzueta still hasn’t locked down a loan program for international students with no U.S. co-signer. Chicago Booth and HBSmade announcements this past week, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for some good news soon.

On meeting a fantastic mentorPalo Alto for a While (Stanford) feels like she hit the jackpot after meeting a young, bright, HBS-educated VC.  Now, if only she can come up with some great ideas for combatting her tech/engineering deficiency.

What did I do better this time around? — As Mike prepares for a move to Evanston to start Kellogg in the fall, he took a moment to reflect on what made his applications stronger this time around. He points to three things that affected his success: choice of schools, better essays and new work and EC experience.

Signed off and sorely missedMaybeMBA bid the blogosphere farewell last week and set the record straight on her experience at Chicago Booth. Her refreshingly candid posts, as well as her point of view as a female, and parent, attending b-school offered an eye-opening perspective we didn’t see elsewhere.

Exchange program, is it right for you? — Over on the Tuck student blog, a recent entry lays out the dilemma students face when considering whether to go on an exchange program as part of the MBA experience. This post seems to stack the deck against shipping out…

The doldrums have set in and it isn’t prettyThe Ruminator, beset with boredom and frustration in his LBS classes, is impatient to get on with his internship. His only solace: weekend outings with Mrs. R and an upcoming trip to Italy as part of an operations course.

Why working for free feels good — On Duke University professor Dan Ariely‘s blog, Predictably Irrational, he explores the notion that sometimes asking someone to do something for nothing is more powerful than paying them. In fact, paying a small incremental incentive does not increase effort, but actually lowers it. Quite an interesting read.


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