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With the unofficial end of summer almost upon us, the b-school blogosphere has been rather quiet this week. As applicants knuckle down on their essays and first-years dive into classes, we expect to see more progress reports in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, enjoy these links meant to educate, entertain and inspire. Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

Weekend with Irene–Like countless others, Felish…da dish had a run-in with Hurricane Irene last weekend. Although in her case the storm was more of a nuisance due to the power outage it caused, a building around the corner from her brand-new apartment didn’t fair so well after a giant tree branch lifted the sidewalk and narrowly missed some front-facing units. We’re relieved to hear her storm-related casualties were limited to spoiled condiments and that package of chicken curry.

It’s go time!— Having a self-imposed deadline of September 1st to start working on his applications, Pyarapopat says the excitement is mounting now that the date has arrived. “Somewhere along the road the MBA admission process stopped being a boring exercise and has become a exhilarating journey of self-discovery and possibilities,” he writes. With his recommenders lined up, GMAT taken care of,  transcripts sorted out, and conversations with current students and alumni behind him, Pyarapopat is sitting in the catbird seat. Being well-prepared is more than half the battle, and we wish him luck as he gets ready to tackle those essays.

B-school update, two weeks in–With two weeks at the Johnson School now under his belt, Ellipser shares random thoughts on everything from the workload of classes, quizzes and papers to the astounding amount of drinking that goes on in b-school. He recently made a most generous offer to review anyone’s application essays if they wanted input from a seasoned, second pair of eyes, so click over to his post if you’d like more details.

A simple tip to achieve work-life balance— Juggling work and family life is a tightrope walk for most people, so Rob C. of the Military to Business blog, who works in management consulting, decided to test the advice of one of his colleagues last week. What, you ask, was this silver bullet for achieving elusive work-life balance? “Turn off your work-issued cell phone and don’t look at it until Sunday night.” To his amazement, this simple act gave significant returns.

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