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Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, where we share the latest goings-on from the MBA applicant and student trenches. This week, our Buzz bloggers debate perceived attitudes of entitlement, celebrate increased scholarship funding, and give in to Spring fever as graduation approaches.

A hot-button topic emerges—Earlier this month, The Senator and Cheetara1980 sparked some serious debate with a post they co-authored on the merits and flaws of the Consortium. This week, Motown shares her strong disagreement with the other bloggers’ assessment and offers her reaction to the idea that under-represented minorities “expect everything on a silver platter with the Consortium.”

How do I love thee?Ccatcher is counting the ways her love affair with Tepper School of Business has grown, particularly in light of the fact that they have increased her scholarship offer. From her amazing interactions over the phone with current students, to the faculty members and admissions officers who truly seem to care about helping  out a prospective student, ccatcher has a lot of material to support the title of her post: Why Tepper Rocks.

The Tuck CultureSanket continues his in-depth and completely personal analysis of various schools, and Tuck School of Business is the latest to get the treatment. After interacting with Tuck students over the last five years, Sanket believes the school has the most cohesive alumni network; has an extremely responsive and collegial community; and is a place that takes a lot of pride in its small size.

I think I’m coming down with something— It looks like a mild case of MBA senioritis is sweeping b-schools everywhere, and Part-Timer is the latest to succumb. As he looks forward to graduating in May, he finds himself less concerned about earning an ‘A’ or a  ‘B’ in any of the classes and plans to do nominal work to get by.  After all, “They call it a B-School for a reason,” he explains.

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