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Hello, and welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our weekly ramble through the b-school blogosphere for a look at what’s keeping MBA applicants and students buzzing. This week, our featured contributors share end-of-year updates, strategize for their essays, and make peace with their ultimate school selection.

A tale of two gradsPart-Timer shares details and photos of his recent commencement celebration from GWU School of Business, which, as fate would have it, coincided with his oldest daughter’s senior prom. The picture of father/daughter graduates is too special!

Flash recap–With promises of more posts to come, Cornell‘s Ellipser breaks blogosphere silence with the news that he went on a class trek to Korea and Japan; has started his internship; and will offer essay editing services to five applicants—not 150, like last year–for a small fee.

Too much of a good thing— While receiving admissions offers from Kellogg, Wharton and Chicago Booth is absolutely a dream come true, the downside is that you can’t actually attend three schools. Cheetarah1980 shares the difficulties of choosing the one, when she felt such a great connection at each.

A strategy for HBS and Stanford essaysSanket sees a striking similarity between Harvard Business School‘s newest essay incarnation, “Tell us something you have done well” with Stanford Graduate School of Business’s slightly intimidating prompt, “What matters most to you and why?” Strategic thinking, he says, will definitely be required.

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